+25 Manga Where The MC Is An Emotionless Cold Blooded Killer+. .

If you haven’t watched it, you definitely should.

is an educational manhwa on psychology.

is an educational manhwa on psychology. . .

Tied to the chains that have imprisoned him from his previous life as King Gray, a ruthless being who sealed all emotion so that, in the end, he is betrayed.

Jul 20, 2022 · Love is in the air well, for most at least. Oct 9,. 9/10.

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The coldness of Train’s heart could be felt with his emotionless expressions while he’s murdering someone.


A manga/manhwa/manhua where the MC is cold/badass/strong. Manhwa with an absolutely cruel and emotionless mc? Searching for a Manhwa where the mc is like absolutely cruel and emotionless to the brim.

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Sick mc with rare disease.
Romance manga with emotionless female interest.

There she becomes a maid and gets to take care of a 'cursed' child that she very dearly pitied.


I. Japanese animation series “My Bride is a Mermaid” is created by Gonzo and helmed by Seiji Kishi. Nov 13, 2022.

. Whether this happens early on, when they barely know each other and was just a love at first sight kind of thing, or later on, deep into their relationship, when you take your chances in your own hands; it still hurts. Nov 13, 2022. ly/3o0MZsCCreating a character tha. . I know the title page says it's just manga, but trust me, it's r.


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In these 10.

It's a manga but it's really good.

Aku no Kyouten.

Ch: 85.