From handwritten character sheets to high-tech LCD gaming tables, there are a lot of supplies that you can use to play a game of D&D.

Price Check on Aisle 3.

Thanks to community member momomchine for sharing this deal. You can just pick a table and roll for an item from there or any other magic table.

There's no reason you can't import some of the items from there into 5th edition.

This modifer is cumulative.

Buying Weapons, Armor, and Other Gear. Apr 28, 2017 · 3. A blacksmith can repair 1 dmg/att per hour, provided the smith has the proficiency, tools and a viable heat source.

Options steel shield (2 gp), healer’s tools (5 gp) Swashbuckler.

. Name Type Cost Weight Source. Items.

Type. Options steel shield (2 gp), healer’s tools (5 gp) Swashbuckler.



Adventurer's Shop. Markup.

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Chartered companies are granted rights to conduct trade along certain routes, to send merchant ships to various ports, or to buy or sell specific goods.

General Store.

levels 17-20: 20,000 gp plus 1d10 x 250 gp, two uncommon magic items, one rare item, normal starting equipment.

A notoriously hard part of dealing with magic items in 5E has to do with pricing them. View Shop. .

CR 5-10 is about 690gp. ADVERTISING - PLEASE SUPPORT THIS SITE Shop D&D Goodies. . . .


If you are buying your starting equipment, you can purchase a pack for the price shown, which might be cheaper than buying the items individually. .

Once a bronze weapon acquires a -5 modifier, the weapon is destroyed.

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Merchants commonly exchange trade goods without using currency.